WP4: Risk monitoring and management admin 2 March 2023

Risk monitoring and management


WP4 is dedicated to risk monitoring and management in relation to three aspects: hydrogeological risk mitigation, satellite and in situ monitoring, active and capable faults.

In order to promote knowledge transfer to regional users, WP4 develops tools, methodologies, guidelines, and training activities. Furthermore, they involve the implementation of the RaStEM application, a support tool for the design of soil defense interventions.

Databases useful for developing procedures and assessment tools for the effectiveness of interventions are analyzed, and e-learning modules are created for the training of operators in regional geological structures.

WP4 also deals with satellite and in situ monitoring of geological processes. The activities include:

  • satellite monitoring and ground movements,
  • strengthening and integrating of monitoring systems,
  • conscious use of Copernicus Services,
  • hydro-meteorological monitoring of rainy events using dual-band HR weather-radar,
  • creation of interfaces for the distribution of GNSS data for temporary geodetic monitoring,
  • multi-spectral detection of areas affected by permafrost degradation,
  • multi-scale mapping for flood risk and hazard.

WP4 also includes a dedicated focus on the identification and characterization of active and capable faults that affect the Italian territory.
The studies concern both terrestrial and offshore areas, with particular attention to the potential seismic activity of active and capable faults associated with sensitive infrastructures.

WP4 is composed of 18 Operating Units from 3 research institutes (CNR, OGS, and ISPRA) and 7 universities (Cagliari, Salerno, Politecnico di Torino, Insubria, Bari, Palermo, Napoli).