WP7: CRI design and implementation admin 2 March 2023

CRI design and implementation

WP7 aims to design and create the GeoSciences cloud research infrastructure based on essential requirements provided by users for data and service utilization.

The goal of WP7 is to design and construct the GeoSciences cloud research infrastructure.

Initially, requirements regarding data and services were defined in collaboration with ICT experts. Suitable system architecture solutions were then identified from those already established and the most innovative ones available on the market.

Key requirements include Open Data mode and sustainability, in addition to the need to integrate existing web services and platforms. The design and subsequent implementation of the system architecture are based on the Agile methodology

A pre-operational version of GeoSciences IR and a prototype of the infrastructure management software will be developed. After testing, the final infrastructure will be implemented, ready for validation procedures. During this phase, some functions will be available for use by a group of experts. Finally, a maintenance plan will be defined to ensure maximum efficiency.

WP7 is composed of 4 Operating Units from the University of Salerno and ISPRA.