WP1: Coordination & Management admin 1 March 2023

Coordination & Management


WP1 coordinates and manages the GeoSciences IR project, ensuring that activities adhere to established timelines and budgets.

It deals with governance, administrative and financial aspects, communication activities, and stakeholder engagement.

The project management activities of WP1 aim to achieve the objectives of GeoSciences IR while respecting the predetermined time and budget parameters. The project’s governance is entrusted to a General Assembly and an Executive Committee.

WP1 also oversees the activities of informing, promoting, and communicating the project’s goals and outcomes to stakeholders and the general public. In fact, a communication plan has been developed outlining the mission, vision, key messages, channels, and content of communication.

WP1 places special emphasis on interacting with the National Network of Geological Surveys – RISG, the main beneficiary of the infrastructure, and with PNRR project partnerships that are developing other Research Infrastructures.

Furthermore, it fosters the engagement of external stakeholders, both public (institutional, scientific) and private (industry, professionals), who may potentially be interested in collaborating with the project as Associate Partners or simply being informed.

WP1 consists of 2 operational units of ISPRA.