WP5: Georesources and land monitoring admin 2 March 2023

Georesources and land monitoring

WP5 is dedicated to the creation of informational systems for disseminating knowledge useful for the sustainable management of land and geological resources, particularly critical and strategic raw materials.

WP5 addresses two main themes:

  • sustainable mining activities,
  • land consumption, coverage and use.

WP5 is currently developing a national portal for solid mineral resources, particularly critical and strategic ones, which will support new strategies for raw material sourcing.

In the context of a potential reactivation of extraction activities, WP5 is defining the most effective methodologies to minimize their environmental and health impacts. Among the aspects being explored is the reuse of extraction waste as alternative materials for the industry and construction sector.

In relation to land management, WP5 aims to enable regional administrations to access, analyze, and process various categories of territorial data in order to create environmental maps and indicators, support research and territorial planning, and evaluate urban plans at regional and local levels.

It also deals with collecting and harmonizing global, community, national, and local data on land use, coverage, and consumption, and developing a common set of indicators, analysis models, and tools to support decision-making processes related to territorial planning.

WP5 is contributed to by 10 Operating Units from a research institute (ISPRA) and 6 universities (Tuscia, Molise, Cagliari, Politecnico di Torino, Napoli, L’Aquila).