WP8: CRI validation admin 2 March 2023

CRI validation

WP8 is responsible for testing and verifying that the various components and software of the research infrastructure meet user requirements and adhere to the FAIR principles of data management.

WP8 will conduct validation tests during each phase of the research infrastructure implementation.
In particular, it will verify all functions performed in the FaaS (Function as a Service) mode of each application and the performance of the services provided by the infrastructure.

Use cases will be defined based on the content developed by thematic WPs and user requests. These use cases will be used as test scenarios in both the pre-operational and operational phases. Test results will be evaluated based on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) corresponding to rigorous quality criteria.

At the end of the infrastructure validation activities, WP8 will provide a final report on the quality guaranteed by each product or service created. Furthermore, to ensure that the data and metadata published by the research infrastructure adhere to the FAIR principles, a 5-star rating scale will be designed for each of the 15 criteria necessary to meet them.

WP8 is composed of 4 Operating Units from ISPRA and the University of Salerno.