WP2: Geological and geothematic mapping and modeling admin 2 March 2023

Geological and geothematic mapping and modeling


The activities of WP2 are aimed at making traceable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable geological and geothematic data of soil, subsoil, and marine areas.

The products developed in the framework of the project will benefit the management of the territory, carried out by the regional geological structures and the autonomous provinces.

WP2 focuses on:

  • geological and geothematic mapping,
  • subsoil geological modeling,
  • marine and coastal geology,
  • geological heritage.

In these fields, it develops new technologies and methodologies for data acquisition, analysis, and processing. It also transfers knowledge from the scientific community to regional and autonomous provincial technical entities.

WP2 develops advanced professional training activities for technicians of local geological entities, with particular emphasis on the use and processing of geological and geothematic mapping for seismic microzonation studies, hazard assessment, and geological heritage enhancement.

Through the adoption of national and European standards, WP2 harmonizes and makes interoperable geological and geothematic data, including those related to submerged areas, which are currently fragmented and distributed. Special attention is also given to digitally recovering stratigraphic information from archives and collections for full fruition.

In the context of WP2, the following products will be realized:

  • digital tools dedicated to on-field data acquisition following national standards,
  • an app for accessing geological mapping and the National Inventory of Geosites,
  • open-source software for constructing 3D geological models
  • a 3D web viewer to make 3D geological models of strategic areas of the Italian territory (including urban areas) accessible, along with augmented reality and virtual reality experiences to explore the geological diversity of the national territory
  • methodologies for improved hazard mapping, particularly in marine and coastal areas.

WP2 involves the participation of 16 Operating Units from 3 research institutes (ISPRA, CNR-IGAG, OGS) and 4 universities (Milano Bicocca, Napoli, Bari, Palermo).